Superior fighters

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In the long run it is all about having fun, valuing your enemy, and doing what you can for the alliance. Both sides fought well and that I was happy to be part of it, especially as fleet commander because of my group.I watched my name pop up several times a movie so that I had been right in the action but kept my fleet along with myself living for EVE Echoes ISK the most part that I'm proud of.I've always said you guys would make great frienemys...heard a good deal about you guys I wish we could work together and go for the real enemies.Damn I despise mass PvP haha. Always been more fond of little gang PvP, and I can tell from experience that PEW are some of the nicest folks to throw down with.

Superior fighters, but also fine and polite.

Ill throw down with you men anytime.I started playing on LD Player and it had been horribly laggy. Then switched into a mobile device (Gen 3 Ipad Air) and EVE Mobile ISK Buy it was not bad. I think that the matter is mostly in the emulators.I completely agree with you. I visit TIDI on the road map which will address that issue.Fly Dangerous o7.Yeah. Just imagine if some alliance areas a vexor doctrine...