When it was a finished game they'd have contained everything

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You telling Animal Crossing New Horizons Items me that there aren't games in Beta/Alpha people have set 100s of hours into? You may take an unfinished game with pleasing core gameplay.Releasing little seasonal upgrades dosent make it an unfinished match? Every online game under Sunlight now comes out with updates for different seasons, so it dosent mean its pristine

When it was a finished game they'd have contained everything in these updates at start like with every previous AC game

They said they have"years" worth of updates planned. Sure I wish I could build the Roost right this instant but with the sheer number of upgrades still on how I know I will get it eventually. I am fine with taking it slow with this game because it's a game meant to be played little by little.Yeah everyone Who's whining has 500 hours to the game , you have your money out of it

You are absolutely right and I don't know why you've been downvoted. There is also the ability to revisit Dream Islands you've already visited from a listing. I think that it was the last update where they modified Saharas dialog and that's a QOL update also. They do not tend to demonstrate QOL stuff in upgrade videos since it isn't exciting in a movie. Same thing happened with Splatoon 2 updates.I think people are angry about the lack of qol in the sport not automatically at me or my remark. I don't Cheap Nook Miles Ticket blame them this match needs qol improvements.