I was excited and logged

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If the shaking stops, place protect from magic , run across the bridge, and you will be nice (you are able to take shield from magical off, place back on when it is time to K-O the demon. The underground area and RuneScape gold the demon were a cake walk for me personally, the island is what gave me trouble! Also bring the weight reducing cape (seen cape I believe that it is called). I propose monk's robes because they give a very wonderful prayer bonus, and therefore are much much lighter, meaning that you don't want as many superb energy potions as you would in different armors. Also, ifyou use the right prayers, you then only require armor that gives prayer bonus!

I'd forgotten my password to my banned accounts as it had been banned before"last chance appeal" was availible. Hence the account was deemed useless to me personally. Well after hearing about last chance appeal I figured I'd get back my password, and buy osrs gold safe send that in since he'd party hats . So I got my password regained, and sent in a previous opportunity appeal on jan 18th. A week later (today) I get a tiny blue notice telling me"successful"! I was excited and logged . I looked at my intro screen and it said I logged in 1300 several odd days past, in my IP. (I made sure of this)