There is a White-Out shortage

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Personally, I think that it's way better than earlier iterations, all the entitled drooling children who can't play without fully automated defence and nanoblitzes are just having temper tantrums and screeching autisticly. Game requires way more actual american soccer understanding to be good at. Last year any baboon could win against you when they spent enoough cash and spent 5min watching one youtube video, this season nope, not going to mut coins madden 21 happen.

There is a White-Out shortage in the US right now so EA can't utilize White-Out to substitute 20 with 21. LMAO, these games are utter trash. Not even to get into the company behind those products. I thought this was an insider, sales term, I read the replies and got the joke. This was real good. This is Madden's final chance to really try and save some kind of face. Additionally inB4 the"I really don't like sports games" guys show up lol. Madden has been dreadful for a while whatever the microtransactions. FIFA isn't exactly what it was but it's nevertheless a good simulation of the sport. It's always funny to see them such as"just do not buy it" but EA/2k have monopolized 3 of their most popular sports now. Pretty much don't have any other option if you would like to cheap Madden nfl 21 coins play a game involving your favorite sport, team, or players. It's just amusing the jabs individuals who don't play sports games or COD take. Quality or not those games are typically top 10 sales on all consoles. We also don't have as many choices within their genres.