Also what is a good distance between attack, defence, and strength levels?

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Also what is a good distance between attack, defence, and strength levels? For example I read some where that a fantastic way is assault and defence exactly the same and strength roughly 15 higher. What do you believe? With the market moving all werid. . .lol,I wind up rather giving up RS gold on earning money for awhile and I wish to get my combat and other abilities up, so my question is what ability should I opt for? Well I was in a clan called kings of horrer then they kicked me and I made a evidence file today this is here: Gtasa3610 study on the lies and scandals:

The linking: This begins when a fellow clan member cheeze came to me (andre12345375) one day when flax running the older avenging spirits clan had been disbanded and cheese was telling me about a brand new clan KOH know as The Kings of Horror. Andre joined and was allowed at joyfully even though I did not conduct pking in dread of losing armour and because we did f2p pks and members armour doesn't work their I didn't do pks.

The First Fight: Andre has turned into a fantastic clan member with a post count of 300 and has been making discussion and seeking to go to as many events as he could, 1 day gtasa3610 said their was a brand new mod position (and from this time cheese was a mod too ) up for grabs gaia Andres second greatest moment greatest buddy in the clan and Andre plus a few other folks went to take the mod up position Andre said that as his rezones to be a mod: Well I have been in the clan when was being up and down and that I had been in avenging souls and that I am on if others are not so I can shield the fourms as soon as other mods are not on. I also think I would make a great mod since I have been here a very long time and can be reliable:

To Andre's despair he wasn't made a mod and was saddened if a fellow clan member obtained the situation: Bulbylover. Andre then had a notion. Could his or her two mods therefore he left a thread posted about his thought everyone had their view on the matter some said no and a few said yes since andre had been with them a really long time and deserved the mod place however gtasa stated no and andre argued his purpose gtasa. Andre never stated any rude words to him at the struggle gtasa then kicked andre. Andre went into gaia were he stated to go say sorry to OSRS Gold For Sale gta and did not want to he desired gta to say sorry to him making the thred secured and having made a struggle blaming him but andre said sorry anyway so he would speak to his buddies still.