It has been like 8 months since I last played this game.

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It has been like 8 months since I last played this game. And RS gold well theres an entirely new method to it now. A few dodgey no scam commerce (good). Two new skills, however my buddy has advised me about hunting... Also I must mention that the expansive exchange is amazing! I made 1756 pieces off 25 gold ore... I am just lvl 7. I'm not sure how it works but its a great new thing there. Oh and some thing fresh about pures and how pking isn't popular anymore (why?) .

I know there's alot of stuff there but its been so long since I last played. The old pking is completely gone, but instead of this, Jagex introduced a brand new minigame called Bounty Hunter. It is essentially a massive arena in the Wilderness, and if you enter you're provided a target. It's possible to kill that goal or anybody else. You should read about Bounty Hunter on the official Runescape website if you have some more questions. The Clan Wars Arena was introduced, which basically nullified dishonorable clans crashing planned wars.

Basically this permits you to summon creatures to aid you in conflict and in abilities. You should read the KB on the official Runescape website for more info, as it's a very big and broad ability. The "Assist System" also came out. This allows a player to"request assistance" of another player with a greater level than he/she. Let's say I've 1 crafting and want to earn a black dragonhide body. I need to"request help" of someone with all the crafting level to earn the human body then the individual who has the level will choose the crafting ability on the pop-up port. Then you'll be able to craft the black dragonhide body.

If I must level it to 50 and try to do Desert Treasure (I have 52 prayer). Is the pursuit really that hard and will I be able to do it. (I havent completed the quests required to even start Desert treasure) (I have 30ish Firemaking and 20 Thifing)

So do you believe once I have all the requirementments. I'll be able to do the quest with loads of Shark and Lots of Pray Pots? I have to admit I've never had much love for buy OSRS gold the farming skill but I am trying to get al my stats 40+. So I need to raise it, ever since the ability came out though I have collected seeds as I understood that some day I'd porbably end up leveling it.