Defensively, melee is the most vulnerable.

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Prior to returning even I'd been speaking seriously about EOC, though I had never played it! This is the narrative for many others, irrespective of if they admit it or RuneScape gold not, because stuff like this really takes to a snowball effect. Also, some people state that micro-transactions and what not are a big jolt to Runescape but frankly it's keeping the business afloat and is on no account mandatory. I find it's mostly newer players that seem to purchase stuff for real cash, us vets know how to get stuff done the previous ways.

As far as 07 goes, I had high hopes initially but now it really reminds me more of the downward spiral we all witnessed shortly after 2007 or so. However, that said, I am probably biased but it's still my opinion. The only way I see 07 having an attractive or feasible community would be with a bunch of friends or some sort of clan of old pals. It's a nice community, I guess. They seem to put to much time and effort into convincing the community that particular updates are crucial and not enough time on taking into consideration what the true platform demands; in my opinion. However, melee is simply the least functional combat mode. Offensively, melee gets the maximum damage speed against a goal with boundless hp... but there aren't any targets with infinite hp. The time necessary to run toward new goals severely dampens the effective damage speed, to the point that melee's higher base dps is eclipsed by even range, the weakest mode, in most Slayer situations.

Defensively, melee is the most vulnerable. Beside receiving splash damage from multi-purpose robots like Vorago, Nex, and Beastmaster, melee enables little to no manoeuverability from the likes of ROTS spins and Araxxor's swipes. Against enemies that strike with melee and another style, Melee sacrifices much protection granted by Prayer.

Even if it's the debate of raw energy versus practicality, the strength doesn't outweigh the problems melee poses. Sure, the pub will do much more damage if you whack it challenging enough, but you might as well go with Old School RS Gold the gun.