In addition, I like clan Cadarn, the 2nd important civil war clan.

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I've personally always like the Iorwerth, mostly because prior to the launch of OSRS gold the end quests of this Elven questline the Dark Lord was always believed to be Zamorak. I don't have any means to prove it but I am fairly certain at some point certain NPCs called this Iorwerth as being Zamorakians who rebelled against the crystal Goddess led Elven society. Because of this I've always sympathised with Lord Iorwerth's elves. Now after the conclusion of the civil war the clan has a new leadership and they are trying their best to be taken into the elven society following the trouble they caused, wan't to be regarded as useful and establish their value. I think it is impossible not to enjoy them, especially seeing as they are basically a bellic clan which suits me well. Oh and they have a badass clan crest:

In addition, I like clan Cadarn, the 2nd important civil war clan. Mostly because they are a bellic clan too and also the specific opposite of the Iorwerth. They focus more in the magical and stealth arts rather than brute force such as the Iorwerth. It is a clan concentrated around my two favorite skills which is obviously a plus, but can not say I'm a big fan of this crest though. As for clan leaders I'm a fan of Lady Hefin, Lord Amlodd and Lady Meilyr. I just like the general appearance of Lady Meilyr, she looks like some sort of hippy elf. If you meet her for the first time she's high and everything haha. She is also one of the very useful elf leaders overall with all the Herblore (especially the Herblore, burned 10Mish purchasing recipes and can not wait to get the levels to use them) along with Dungeoneering stuff.

Lord Amlodd is similar, seems pretty cool and appears to be the least serious of the clan leaders. Also like his clan's crest. Lady Hefin is my favourite, I find it pretty badass how she remains young thanks to prayer and tidy living. You will find other clan leaders that don't age too or age really slowly like Lady Trahaearn and Lady Meilyer, but they use potions and mechanisms for that effect which is nowhere near as cool.

The name ought to be self explanatory: What is in your opinion the best battle style (both Old School and RS3), and also what battle style is your favourite? Old School - Overall I have always discovered melee the most useful. Combat revolved round melee basically because of having superior weapons and armour and being a lot less costly than the other two abilities.

F2P PKing ranged was the shizzle, however, which Maple Longbow (sighted) was super OP and was the ideal weapon for sniping at wars and killing looters. Probably the very best F2P weapon complete too since you could essentially range with it along with a Rune armour place and Old School RS Gold still hit incredibly accurately. Magic was decent also but was mostly an elite ability, and has hardly any uses aside from hybrid PKing which is like saying it has pretty much no applications since hybrid PKing is pretty much lifeless compared to the fantastic old times.